Access to the "Qualinet Databases"

There is a simple interface accessible to registered users with valid username and password.

Qualinet Multimedia Databases Online

A key for current and future developments in QoE resides in a rich and internationally recognized database of content of different sorts, and to share such a database with the scientific community at large. Thus, one of the main interests of the Qualinet Databases Task Force is to create such databases, and take the necessary steps so as to make them accessible to all researchers.

Databases TF continuously updates a list of multimedia databases and summarizes their basic description based on literature search and on the feedback from the Qualinet members. The number of databases in the list (“QUALINET Multimedia Databases v6.5” and “List of QUALINET Multimedia Databases v6.5”) steadily increases (May 2017, 240 multimedia databases from which 105 are owned by Qualinet partners or were created under Liaison with Qualinet).

To share the databases efficiently with other researchers a “QUALINET Multimedia Databases Online” platform has been introduced. The “QUALINET Multimedia Databases Online” is abbreviated to “Qualinet Databases” in this document. This website is used as Qualinet’s main resource for sharing of the datasets among Qualinet members and scientific community. “Qualinet Databases” platform is intended to provide broader functionality that other known similar solution. The “Qualinet Databases” platform handles information of the multimedia content. Subjective data are available for selected datasets, such as MOS or eye-tracking. The database entries are accompanied with a detailed description of the datasets including scientific references.

The thoughts of the WG4 about the main principles and functionality of the “Qualinet Databases” were introduced in the previous versions of this document. The implementation of the system and required functionality are directed by the conclusions drawn at the Qualinet meetings and thereafter summarized in the previous versions of this document. In this version of the document current functionality of the system is presented. The “Qualinet Databases” has been already released for the general scientific community. However, the system is under continuous development and implementation of various tools is expected in the future, even after the official end of Qualinet action. Comments or ideas on the required functionality and features are appreciated. These comments will be taken into account for the new versions of the “Qualinet Databases” platform.

The current functionality of the “Qualinet Databases” is described in the document “QUALINET Multimedia Databases Online v3.0” presented at the Final Qualinet general meeting in Delft (October 2014). The purpose of this document is to describe the current functionality and features of the “Qualinet Databases” and it is intended as simplified user’s guide for the system. The document also summarizes plans for the features to be implemented in the next version of the system.

Comments or questions regarding the “Qualinet Databases” should be directed to Karel Fliegel, Qualinet Databases TF leader.

Current functionality of the "Qualinet Databases"

The basic functionality of the “Qualinet Databases” lies in idea that registered users (Qualinet members and approved users from the scientific community) have access through the simple web portal to the list of multimedia databases and based on their user rights they will be allowed to browse information about the particular database and eventually download the actual multimedia content.

Selected users, “Database Owners” in particular, have rights to upload or edit their records in the list of databases. Selected multimedia databases “Publicly Available” are accessible also to the registered researchers outside Qualinet. Only administrators (Databases TF leaders) have right to delete items in the “Qualinet Databases”. Currently “Qualinet Databases” does not contain the actual multimedia content but only the access information with provided links to the dataset files saved at the server of the “Database Owner”. However “Database Owner” can request the administrator of “Qualinet Databases” to provide FTP hosting of the actual multimedia content.

In the documents listed below the current functionality and features of the “Qualinet Databases” platform are described in more details.

Key documents

Issues to be solved and further steps

This above listed documents present an overview of “Qualinet Databases” online platform functionality and features. The system is under continuous development. The system will be maintained after the official end of COST IC1003 Action QUALINET. Comments and requests are welcome.

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